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Freemasonry’s Requirements for Membership (How to be 1)

The qualifications for being accepted into Freemasonry, there are a few “requirements.” To start, you need to fill out and file a petition that will be sent to the Lodge Secretary, pay the required fee, as well as attach a copy of your birth certificate. The petition has several yes-or-no questions that you need to answer truthfully. The big step will be to have 5 Masons that recommend you to join the craft, and you will need their authentic signatures. Typically, at Richardson Masonic Lodge, we prefer to meet an individual outside of lodge during one of our monthly social nights, in order to get to know the individual in a social setting. After a social function and possibly meet during our Stated Meeting dinner, the individual can request a petition – but he should be the one asking.

As a general rule of thumb, if an individual does not a Mason, it would take a month or two for the Mason to want to put down his signature for recommendation. On the other hand, if he knows a Mason or two prior to acquiring a petition in hand, he can then recommend his friend(s) and get the information required for the petition. It is all about vouching as a Mason before solidifying the signature for acceptance.

Requirements of Candidates for Masonry

Unlike other fraternities, we look for two qualifications prior to seeing the beautiful mysteries of Freemasonry (1) internal; and (2) external. The individual qualifications refer to the attitudes and motive for joining the Craft. The outer world may not know the truth of the internal, since they are only known to the individual, but the individual should have a true reason for joining. The external relies upon on his moral and religious/spiritual integrity towards his faith, his mind, and his social bearing. To understand these, they become acquired by getting to the know person by a careful examination by a special committee.

Internal Requirement of Freemasonry

By coming under free will and accord within the heart of the individual, the internal qualifications become shown to others. Since Freemasonry does not solicit individual membership, it becomes detrimental that it becomes a journey by the individual. To be able to wear the apron of a Freemason, the individual has to look within his heart and between himself and his Creator, his friends, and mankind for the real motive.

External Requirements of Freemasonry

The moral, physical, intellectual, and “free born” nature of the individual is based within the external qualifications. Based on the Charges of 1722, a Mason is obligated to “…never be a stupid atheist nor an irreligious libertine,” and we still hold these truths strongly. We welcome all men of faiths: Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, etc. and every single person believes in a Creator of the Universe. Every single Mason is held by his faith towards all of mankind and the Craft helps bind these truths.

Since time memorial, Freemasonry based itself on Operative, but since Speculative Freemasonry evolved from the prior, we use symbolism from our times building cathedrals and temples. Therefore, we build our own spiritual edifice – the mind holding our moral compasses. To fully comprehend the basis, a Freemason must understand symbolism and memorize particular and specific phrases.

Anyone can join that is not a slave or in servitude which made them legally unable to contract themselves to an organization, in ancient times. Because of this, no political discussions (nor religious) are discussed in lodge, to allow peace and harmony to flourish amongst the individuals. We are supposed to “meet upon the level” as men of stature, leading up to “part upon the square” peacefully.

Do you have what it takes?

Before you petition, make sure you qualify internally and externally to see the mysteries behind the doors in Freemasonry. We take our craft seriously, but we thoroughly enjoy our fellowship. Our ceremonies aren’t for clowning around, they are meaningful and formally done. If you want something meaningful – then you have what it takes to join the craft.

How to Become a Freemason

It is often thought that to become a Freemason you must be invited…


That is not the case. Any man can join based on his own free will and accord to purse his journey in Freemasonry. To become a member, find a Masonic lodge location near you and contact them.

Once you join, you will be part of the largest and oldest fraternity in the world, with members of all faith, races, countries, who you can call upon as brothers. Be aware of the requirements to becoming a Freemason and be able to fully understand these prior to petitioning a lodge for membership.

Freemasons are loyal to their country and pursue the principles of friendship and fellowship through their devotion and commitment inside and outside the lodge. We focus on services to mankind through charitable works and practices through their voluntary works.

Men join for various reasons. Some for the social atmosphere that they crave. Others crave the philosophical and spiritual reasons. Others have their reason for the historical and charitable acts that Freemasonry allows. Everyone has a place within the Craft that they can help elevate.

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