Richardson DeMolay Rules at Government Day 2018

Each year, almost two-hundred DeMolays, Chapter Sweethearts, and Rainbow Girls from across Texas convene at the Texas State Capitol, where they “take over” the House and Senate Chambers and debate mock bills, some of which they have written, themselves.

This experience helps these youths to develop their writing skills, if they write bills—their research skills, as they research topics for debate—their analytical and critical thinking skills, as they formulate arguments, in support of, or against, various points of view—and their listening and speaking skills, as they listen to points presented by others and then take the microphone to state and defend their own positions on the various topics being debated.

This experience also introduces this next generation of voting Texans, to the magnificent and historic Texas State Capitol building. It broadens their horizons by introducing them to other bright young people from across the State, who share their values of morality, right living, and civic duty. It also is an experience that can forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

2018 Government day champs.

Seven Richardson Chapter DeMolays traveled with their Advisors to Austin for Government Day, this year, held February 17-18, 2018. The Richardson DeMolays in the House delegation included Master Councilor Aidan Winship, Senior Deacon Dylan Bollig, Junior Deacon Ian Patrick, Junior Steward Ryan Triolet, and our newest member, Sentinel Jackson McKinzie. Richardson DeMolays in the Senate delegation included Junior Councilor Daniel Brayne and Senior Steward Nathan Nguyen. Over two days, every member of both Delegations came to the microphone, to state and defend their positions on the various bills presented.

On Sunday morning, when the Awards were presented by Executive Officer Michael Sampson, Richardson Chapter won the Best Delegation in the Senate Award, the Best Delegation in the House Award, and Master Councilor Aidan Winship won the Best Delegate in the House (Senior Division) Award! To top off these distinctions, Executive Officer Sampson drew out of a hat the name “Richardson Chapter,” as the new custodian of the Galloping Gavel, a historic, oversized gavel that can only be claimed and removed by another Chapter by their visiting a Richardson Chapter Meeting over the next year, bringing more members to the Meeting than Richardson Chapter has present.

The accompanying photo shows the winners, standing in front of the Texas State Capitol building (L-R, Front Row: Daniel Brayne, Ryan Triolet, Nathan Nguyen. Back Row: Dylan Bollig, Aidan Winship, Jackson McKinzie, Ian Patrick).

Note: DeMolay is a premier Boys’ Youth Group sponsored by Freemasons

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