October Newsletter

Happy Fall, Brethren!

Lots going on the next few months, Brethren. Up there on the list is some long-needed renovations to the Lodge interior, focusing on the restrooms and public spaces – Men’s Room, Foyer, Fellowship Hall and Dining Room. We are scheduled to start some of the work soon, so stay tuned for progress. We hope to be complete by the end of October, so be sure to come to the November stated meeting. I can’t guarantee it will all be done by then, but we’ll sure try. Additionally, the Women’s Room is being remodeled by the O.E.S. at their expense.

Speaking of our November stated, we will be welcoming Brother Larry FitzPatrick, former Grand Orator, who will offer up a little enthusiasm on being an Entered Apprentice Mason. Don’t miss it – Larry always puts on a good talk. We will be opening an EA Lodge in November so all EAs are encouraged to attend. Even old crusty Master Mason’s have been enthusiastic about Brother FitzPatrick’s EA talk. December’s guest speakers will be from the Salvation Army, but more on that later.

On October 28th, we’ll be having our annual Pumpkin Carving night. Bring the kids, grand kids, and in some cases great-grand kids to the lodge. The good deal is you don’t have to mess up Mama’s kitchen. Bring a pumpkin, sketch your favorite politician’s image on it, carve away and then take it home and scare your neighbors. The kids have enjoyed this informal event, and some pretty creative work is usually done.

Almost forgot – we had a FellowCraft degree conferred by PM Neal Roberts this past month, so we’re very much looking forward to a Master Mason’s Degree soon.

A final reminder, keep up with any current events and changes in schedule by referring to the calendar on our website http://richardsonmasoniclodge.org/

Brian McGauley, WM