November Newsletter


I’m happy to say that we are complete with our renovations, and hope that you can come take a look if you haven’t already. We are ready to order new tables and chairs to replace the old ones; that proposal having made and approved at the last stated meeting. We also have repaired a longstanding drainage problem in the men’s room.

We had a great turnout for our last stated meeting, something like 37. Brother Larry FitzPatrick, past Grand Orator, spoke immediately after the stated meeting on the meanings inculcated in the EA Degree.

Please put the December stated meeting on your calendar – We will have an open meeting before stated featuring representatives of the Salvation Army, one of the largest charitable organizations in the country, who will tell us of all their good work. If you are personally planning on making charitable contributions this season, this will be the perfect time, as we hope to have a Salvation Army red kettle at the buffet line in lieu of our usual kitty bowl.

Finally, we have recently passed a couple of brethren to the degree of Fellow Craft, so be looking for a couple of Master’s degrees coming up.

Brian McGauley, WM