Message From the East

On July 4, 1776, our forefathers brought upon this Continent a new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the equality of all men. The fact that these principles mirror those of Masonry should not be lost upon us. Several leaders were Masons, including John Hancock, President of the Continental Congress of 1776. The Declaration brought about a change in leadership on this Continent. It is, therefore, fitting that we find our leadership changing at this same time of year.

Our ideals include the brotherhood of man, no matter that man’s station in life. We are not concerned with the external, but with the internal—the mind, the character of the man. However, our lawfulness has increasingly turned to lawlessness; selflessness to selfishness and generosity to greed. Is this what our forefathers risked their lives to create? We are living in a period where police officers cannot effectively do their job for fear of lawsuit or fear of death threats putting their families in danger.

Our nation is desperately in need of the moral and equitable teachings of Masonry. Several years ago, during a Jr Warden Minute, we heard what masons have done. In his speech it was mentioned that Masons moved to America and created a country, moved westward and made States, filtered through the states and made cities in which they influenced the creation of communities. Our job did not and should not stop there. Just like houses fall apart without proper maintenance, communities fall apart without proper influence. For that reason we need a new purification of the spirit of citizenship, a new public mindedness or devotion to the Union that will help influence our community to the better. It is a new time in your Lodge and an ever changing time in Our Nation. Help us make changes in the direction of harmony and brotherhood among all men and all Masons. I look forward to your thoughts and most welcomingly your visit.