Message from the East – October 2015

We are now one third of the way through our Masonic Year 2015-2016. Before serving my term I listened to many people about their likes and dislike, their wants and not-wants and of course what is good or needs improvement. Many brothers expressed that we need more community involvement and education while some simply wanted more social events.

While I listened and planned for the year I could not help but think of the movie Even Almighty, in which Morgan Freeman, playing a waiter, asks, “do you think that if you ask to be made courageous – he makes you courageous? Or does he give you the opportunity to be courageous?”

Our trestle board is full of opportunities through the next 9 months whereby we can learn, socialize or give back to the community. I encourage you, if you have the time, take part in what is going on. Coming up in October we will be serving breakfast to the local heroes of Richardson. This is both a great time to say thank you for their hard work and a time to spend time with the brethren.

I personally have had a great time over the past three months being involved with the Masonic Education nights, Stated meetings and other events that we have had. I look even more forward to what is to come. I hope to see more and more of you in the coming months.