Message From the East – June 2016

Like my predecessors, when I took charge of the East I set out to make as much of a difference as I could. My objective was not to impress anyone but rather to impress upon you that change is not only a good thing but also a necessity.

Change is not always welcome and has always been thrust upon us. Since the time of the first man we have had to make adjustments to survive for with every discovery there is change. One of the first discoveries had a major impact on mankind – Fire. That red flower, although frightening at first, brought us together and allowed us to be more social and less nomadic. There have been innovations that not only forced to work longer hours but also tore us apart because we needed to travel for work. At this point, the family structure began to decline and the amount of interaction amongst ourselves declined.

Today’s technology is slowly binding us back together. Our younger generations are thirsty for social inter­action more so than past generations. This trend needs must be embraced so that we can continue to grow as a lodge and be a major influence in the community once again. If I can impress upon you one thing that is keep the lodge up to date with technology and social trends.