Jr Warden Minute – May 2018

This past weekend we held a joint Lodge Picnic and Open House. During the afternoon we had, according to my count 3 individuals come to the Lodge and express interest in Masonry. The Open House is an important way to inform men about Masonry, but it cannot be the only time during the year we think about it. It has to be something that is constantly on our minds if we are to grow our Lodge.

So where would look for a good man to join us?

Would you look in your church, your job, a social gathering, on the street or in your own home?

What would you be looking for? A relative, friend, neighbor or a stranger?

How would you know that he is a good Mason? By what others think of him, by what his family thinks of him, by his associates, by his actions or all of the above?

Where would you look?

I submit you need to look — IN YOUR HEART.

You are a good person so you should look for the same qualities in others as you have in yourself. You have already been asked to do this, to find one good man. This is why we hold open houses, invite friends and family to look over the Lodge and let people know of the good work we do.

Masonry, in many cases because of the self deprecating nature of its members has not declared it value to men and its community. Current conditions make it very easy to continue this. However, if we want this Fraternity to survive we must all commit to, in the word of one Mason, “replacing ourselves”. In doing so you will not only gain a Brother, but you will strengthen the Fraternity and help spread the word of the value of Masonry.