Jr Warden Minute – January 2018

The Principal Tenets of Freemasonry:
Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth

Over the past two months, we reviewed the first two principal tenets of Masonry. These were Love and Relief. Tonight we will look at the third tenant – Truth.

In Masonry, to be good and true is one of the first lessons to which we are exposed. As a Mason, we must always endeavor for the truth both within ourselves and during our interactions with others. The high moral standards required by Masonry and of its members is something we must practice both within our Fraternity and in public and private lives. Without Truth, there would be no foundation for our trust and fellowship.

The three tenets I have discussed, Love, Relief and Truth are, at its center, the teaching that Freemasonry hopes to instill in its members. I hope it will help us all to remember those reasons and strengthen our commitment to them. It is a moral and ethical approach to life and, as Masons, we must always strive for these values to guide us in our everyday lives.