March 2013

Richardson Freemasons

Vision 2020

Work Schedule

04/02/2013      6:30 PM           April Stated Meeting/Lamar Awards

04/09/2013      7:00 PM           Master Mason Degree

04/16/2013      7:00 PM           Fellow Craft Degree

04/23/2013      7:00 PM           Officer Meeting

05/07/2013      6:30 PM           May Stated Meeting (Budget Proposal)

Upcoming Events

04/20/2013      11 to 4             Gift of Life Blood Drive

04/30/2013      7:00 PM           Fifth Tuesday Fellowship

05/14/2013      7:30 PM           Rusty Nail Program

New Master Mason

Since the last communication Brother Steven Frykholm has been raised to the degree of Master Mason! Thank you to the well-informed brethren who assisted in this degree!  Another Master Mason degree and another Fellow Craft Degree are coming.

Lamar Awards Night

On April 2, 2013, Richardson Lodge recognized a senior from each of the four high schools in the Richardson Independent School District with a Lamar Award and a Scholarship from Richardson Lodge’s Scholarship Fund.

Fantastic Teeth!

Thank you to Past Master Howard Kennedy for coordinating Richardson Lodge’s participation in Fantastic Teeth!  Richardson Lodge prepared 245 dental kits for elementary school students at Mark Twain, Springridge, Yale, and Jess Harben Elementary Schools.  Thank you to the many brethren who helped bag the kits!

Gift of Life Blood Drive

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! On Saturday, April 20, 2013, Richardson Lodge will host a blood drive at the Sam’s Club at 301 Coit Road from 11:00AM until 4:00PM.  Please participate as a donor and/or solicitor.  Thank you to Past Master Henry Urquhart for AGAIN coordinating Richardson Lodge’s participation in the Gift of Life Program!  If you have questions or want to help, please call Henry at 469.855.5107.

Rusty Nail Program

On May 14, 2013, our Ritual Team [Chairman Neal Roberts, PM, Ron Radford, PM, and Senior Warden Jeff Smith] will present a Rusty Nail Program.  Remember in your own Lodge all you need for admission is a valid dues card; you NEVER have to work your way in.  But some brothers are reluctant to come because they have forgotten a word or two.  This program, open to all Master Masons, will reacquaint you with the various grips and words of the degrees.  Please let our expert instructors refresh your recollection and help you remember those things that first impressed you upon your entrance into your lodge.

From the Masonic Service Association of North America:


            Basic Principles. Freemasonry is not a religion, nor is it a substitute for religion. It requires of its members a belief in God as part of the obligation of every responsible adult, but advocates no sectarian faith or practice. Masonic ceremonies include prayers, both traditional and extempore, to reaffirm each individual’s dependence on God and to seek divine guidance. Freemasonry is open to men of any faith….

            The Supreme Being. Masons believe that there is one God and that people employ many different ways to seek, and to express what they know of God. Masonry primarily uses the appellation, “Grand Architect of the Universe,” to address God. In this way, persons of different faiths may join together in prayer, concentrating on God, rather than differences among themselves.


            Freemasonry Compared with Religion. Freemasonry lacks the basic elements of religion: (a) It has no dogma or theology, no wish or means to enforce religious orthodoxy; (b) It offers no sacraments; (c) It does not claim to lead to salvation by works, by secret knowledge, or by any other means. The secrets of Freemasonry are concerned with modes of recognition, not with the means of salvation.

            Freemasonry Supports Religion. Freemasonry is far from indifferent toward religion. Without interfering in religious practice, it expects each member to follow his own faith and to place his Duty to God above all other duties. Its moral teachings are acceptable to all religions.