July 2012

Work Schedule

07/24/2012      6:30 PM           Roundtable Practice

07/30/2012      6:30 PM           Roundtable Practice

08/07/2012      6:30 PM           Dinner/Stated Meeting (7:30 PM)

08/14/2012      6:00 PM           Proficiency Exams (Committee on Work)

08/21/2012      6:30 PM           Entered Apprentice Degree/Practice

08/28/2012      6:30 PM           Committee Meetings

09/04/2012      6:30 PM           Dinner/Stated Meeting (7:30 PM)

Upcoming Events

09/—/2012      6:30 PM           Golden Trowel Award Dinner

10/30/2012      6:30 PM           Halloween Party (Pumpkin Carving & Video)

11/10/2012      TBD                 Veterans’ Ceremonial & Dedication of Flag Pole

12/01/2012      9:00 AM          Richardson Christmas Parade


Our website has a new look courtesy of Dan Hill, PM, and Marcus Calligaro.  Brother Calligaro gave a presentation on the new look at the first stated meeting of this Masonic year.  You can check it out at www.richardsonmasoniclodge.org.  The Lodge is also operating a Facebook page.  Senior Warden Jeff Smith is the administrator.

Outgoing Master

A special thank you to Ron Radford, PM, for his service to us this past year and his gift of a wonderful new portrait of Brother George Washington.  The new portrait now hangs in a place of honor within our lodgeroom.

Master’s Installation Message

            Below is the text of the message from our new Worshipful Master, Chris Livingston:

Brethren, Family and Friends,

With a simple oath we affirm old traditions and make new beginnings. As I begin, I thank Ron Radford for his service to our Lodge. I thank our Past Masters who are present.  I also thank our Installation Team, Past Grand Master and Past Master of this Lodge David Dibrell, Past Master Dick Davies, and Past Master Neal Roberts.

I am honored and humbled to stand here, where so many leaders have come before me.  Their pictures are there along the wall.  But there are still empty spaces along that wall; reminding us that many will follow.

We have a place, all of us, in a long story—a story we continue, but whose end we will not see.  It is a story of leaders who founded a new America, a story of the Republic of Texas, a story of the founding of Richardson, a story of this Lodge (Richardson #1214).

Brothers George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and countless other brethren led our revolution and founded our government.  Every President of the Republic of Texas was a Mason.  This Lodge counts among its members community leaders, such as JJ Pearce, who raised Richardson ISD from humble beginnings to what it is today.

Today, I wear four rings to remind me of my obligations and whence I came.  The Masonic rings of my paternal and maternal grandfathers; the Masonic ring of my great-grandfather; and a wedding band.  They remind me of obligations both Masonic and to the Grand Architect of the Universe.  Obligations to my wife, my family, my brethren, and to God.

Masons are generous and strong and decent, not because we believe in ourselves, but because we hold beliefs beyond ourselves.  When the lessons inculcated in our degrees are missing, no invention of man can replace them.  When those lessons are followed, no man can stand against them.

We move forward this year under the theme of Richardson Vision 2020.  We look forward to find our path.  We march forward to that undiscovered country from whose borne no traveler can return.

Much time has passed since Washington served as Master of Alexandria Lodge No. 22 in Virginia.  His spirit continues to look over us and every regular Texas lodge where his portrait hangs.  The years change and accumulate, but the themes of this day he would know.  For we are not this story’s author—who fills time and eternity with His purpose.  His purpose is achieved in our duty, and our duty is fulfilled in charity to our community and, more especially, to our brother Masons.

Never tiring, never yielding, never finishing, we renew that purpose today: to make our Lodge better; to make Richardson better; to make Texas better; to make America better.

Our work continues.  The story goes on.  And the angels still ride in our whirlwind of life, while He directs us through the storm.

God Bless Texas, God Bless Richardson, God Bless this Lodge.