Jr Warden Minute – September 2019


Not often do I find a Masonic lesson in a funny story, but there’s one that seems to me to give the
opportunity for developing one.

At a gathering of women, the conversation turned `to a discussion of Masons. Some of the women seemed to be rather well informed on the subject, and discussed it at some length, but one woman was bored and finally remarked, “Well, I don’t know much about Masons, but I think their fruit jars are very nice.”

If we analyze that, we may find she said a mouthful without intending to point a moral of any kind. Don’t many of us Masons have a lot of fruit jars into which we put our Masonry, then seal the jars and set them away in a dark corner? Even when Masonic friends visit us, we don’t get out some of the jars and treat our friends to the contents. We might at least take a jar along every time we go to a Masonic meeting and pass around what the jar contains.

Freemasonry put away in jars doesn’t improve with age, and the contents are likely to be forgotten. Freemasonry improves by dissemination. Brethren keep your Freemasonry out of fruit jars; but, if you do put some away now and then, bring it out at the first opportunity and let the Brethren partake with you.