Jr. Warden Minute – June 2016

I was sitting in Lodge one night watching two Brothers receiving their first lecture. I took a close look at both of them. Their mannerisms were so different to each other. One was very interested in everything going on around and every word that was said. The other was very indifferent to what was happening and seeming to be a bit bored with it all.

This started me thinking of what reasons lead men to Freemasonry. Ooh the numbers of reasons that flash to mind. Most all of them are very good reasons. As well as few not so good reasons. I once had a lot of ques­tions that I posed to a friend, Brother, at time, which in truth had stopped me for a good number of years in becoming a mason. I couldn’t understand how certain men had become masons. He, in his wisdom told me that Freemasonry takes care of itself and that people will find what they seek in it. At the time this seemed as a funny answer to me. But in time I understood. I truly have to say he was right. If you only seek a ring you will only have one. If you seek knowledge and truth you will have a path that will guide you on a journey for the rest of your life.

Though we all come for different reasons, we will find what we seek.