Jeffrey Smith

I am a husband, father, son, Christ-follower, photographer, pool player, drummer, Mason, and general all-around lover of life! I have been blessed beyond my wildest expectations, far more than I deserve, and yet I feel that in many ways, the journey is just beginning.

I love the life I have been given. I have two main vices:

1 – I drink way too much Coca-Cola. No, not Pepsi, I said Coke! I know this is something I should cut down on drastically, and I have from time to time, just to come back. I suppose this makes me a Coke addict!

2 – I love ice cream. You can usually find at least one carton in my freezer, some times more. My favorite would be Marble Slab’s Amaretto flavor, with cherries and chocolate chips mixed in. Or one of the more exotic flavors from Old Towne Creamery in Plano. If you’ve never been there, it’s worth the drive from just about anywhere! It doesn’t get much better than that. Especially if I have my family there with me.