January 2017 Councilor Elections

At their first Stated Meeting of the Year, on Saturday morning, January 7, 2017, Richardson DeMolays will elect their new slate of Councilors, who will serve them during the Winter-Spring Term. Officers to be elected are the Master Councilor, Senior Councilor, and Junior Councilor.

DeMolays interested in running for office should remember that, to be elected to any of these positions requires that a DeMolay has demonstrated proficiency in both his Initiatory and DeMolay Degree Obligations, in an Open Meeting of the Chapter.

Also, any member interested in running for the position of Master Councilor should go ahead and prepare his Term Calendar in advance, for review by Chapter Dad Donnye Winship. The new Master Councilor-Elect will be expected to select his Installing Team members, for his Installation to take place on Saturday morning, January 14.

Congratulations to the current slate of officers, MC Philip Eyre, SC Reese Johnson, and JC James Eyre for a successful Summer – Fall Term!