February 2013

Richardson Freemasons

Vision 2020

Work Schedule


03/05/2013      6:30 PM           March Stated Meeting/DDGM

03/19/2013      6:30 PM           Past Masters’ Night

03/26/2013      7:30 PM           Master’s Degree

04/02/2013      6:30 PM           Stated Meeting/Lamar Medals & Scholarship Awards


DDGM Visit


On March 5, 2013, Right Worshipful Harold E. Brown, DDGM, will make his official visit to Richardson Masonic Lodge.  We respectfully request your attendance at this event.


New Master Mason


Since the last communication Brother Donald Murphy has been raised to the degree of Master Mason! Additionally, we passed two other candidates this past month. Thank you to the well-informed brethren who assisted in all of three degrees!


Girl Scout Cookie Distribution


On Saturday, February 16, 2013, Richardson Lodge assisted in distributing shipping boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to Girl Scouts and their leaders.  Thank you to the many brethren who made this event a success!


Widows’ Tea


On Saturday, February 21, 2013, Richardson Lodge hosted the annual widows’ tea. Senior Warden Jeff Smith and Junior Warden Brian McGauley entertained eleven widows and one daughter. The event was a smashing success and a reminder that our service to our Masonic family continues.


Past Masters’ Night


Please join us on March 19, 2013 to honor the Past Masters of Richardson Lodge.  The event is being coordinated by Junior Warden Brian McGauley and promises to be a special evening.  The event is open to all members and their family.  The meeting is open and dinner is free!


Lamar Awards Night


On April 2, 2013, Richardson Lodge will recognize a senior from each of the four high schools in the Richardson Independent School District with a Lamar Award and Scholarship. Mrs. Sandra Hayes, Executive Director of Instructional Technology, will be representing RISD at the Meeting. A special thanks to Brother/Professor Jim McConnell for AGAIN coordinating with the RISD high schools to make this night a success. Richardson Lodge’s regularly scheduled Stated Meeting will follow dinner and the presentations.


Master’s Message



Being “Duly and Truly Prepared” is a Masonic expression. Masons understand its significance in the Lodge Rooms. However, they may also interpret it outside the Lodge. No Mason enters even the ground floor of the Lodge unless he is “Duly and Truly Prepared.” So simple is his dress that it provokes no envy. He is dressed properly for the occasion, and everyone so dressed feels perfectly at ease among his Brethren. There is no place here for the rich to boast of fine raiment and resplendent jewels; nor for the poor to envy his more fortunate Brother or covet his wealth. Their clothing in each case symbolizes labor and innocence. With hand and brain, each is ready to serve his fellowman; with forbearance and toleration, each is willing to forgive the crude and ignorant everywhere. To carry the symbolism of Masonic investiture still further, every Mason should be clothed in the habiliments of truth. His wardrobe should contain the robe of justice, with which to protect those who, for any reason, have been deprived of their just rights; the mantle of charity, with which to comfort those made destitute, many times by no cause of their own; the tunic of toleration, with which to hide the weakness of the wayward, and help them to the road of recovery; the cloak of mercy, with which to cover the wounded and suffering in mind or body with unstinted sympathy and kindness.

These garments are all of genius quality, measured and cut by a Master Tailor. They are serviceable and in good taste on every occasion. They, too, may be had without money and without price, and, the man who wears them is truly “properly clothed,” and “Duly and Truly Prepared” as a Master Mason.


Christopher D. Livingston, WM