Donnye Winship

IMG_0417I was born and (mostly) raised in the greatest state of the Union. It started out rough considering I was born in Odessa, TX but eventually I made it to Richardson, TX. There was a time that I would call Austin home, even today, while driving through I get the feeling that I am home, BUT I AM ALWAYS GLAD TO LEAVE. Fortunately I am never accused of having a real Texas accent, instead it is a blend of Texas, Florida and Minnesota, though most of my O’s are Minnes?tan.

My beautiful wife is Sunny and between the two of us we have 5 kids ranging from 17 to 12, all of which are highly active to the point that my current hobbies include watching youth soccer, tennis, diving and dance. I do remember a day when my hobbies were golf, racquet ball and playing soccer. One day soon I may do those things again if my body still allows for it.

Favorite quote: It is a shame to go through life not knowing what your mind and body are fully capable of achieving.