Blood Drive

Our Past Master Henry Urkheart for year have been setting up the lodge’s blood drive.  Richardson Masonic Lodge has been scheduling two to three blood drives annually.  We have done Spring, Summer, and Fall drives.

It has been decided that we will in April and late October to mid November, as the temperature is milder during those times periods.  The last few drives have been held at the Sam’s club on Coit and Mapleshade, just north of (190) George Bush Turnpike.

The Club Manager is Dean Lewis.  He allows us to park the Carter BloodCare bus right by the front door and encourages his employees to donate.  We have several very good hand signs that we tape to posts at the entrance as advestisement.  We are also supplied with BloodCare banners, two of which I had taped to the old pancake breakfast sign were removed along with two of the Scottish Rite Hospital/Carter Blood Care placards.  They where not used at the last drive because I had no way to transport them and did not have time to reassemble the sign with the bannars and placards.

After the latest drive it has been decided to schedule the drives from 1pm to 5pm, as donations tend to pick up  after lunch time.  Our goal is at least 20 donors and we have been and we have been getting 17 to 20 donors.  We  need volunteers to stand by the entrance and ask people to donate.  We also need those members who are able to donate to do so and to schedule time to donate if possible.  If you are not able to donate, you could help by asking your family members, friends and neighbors to donate and/or solicit donations at the draw site.

Now for some reason you cannot come to our blood drive that is fine.

When you have time please give blood and save a life.

Yes now you can give blood anytime at Carter Blood Care.


All you have to do is go to a Carter Blood Care

 Give either of the following Account # at Carter Blood Care

Richardson Lodge #1214
Account #030828

Scottish Rite Hospital
Account # 1620