August 2012

Richardson Freemasons

Vision 2020

Work Schedule

09/04/2012      6:30 PM           Dinner/Stated Meeting (7:30 PM)

09/11/2012      7:00 PM           EA Degree

09/18/2012      7:00 PM           Opening/Closing Practice for DDGM Visit

09/25/2012      7:00 PM           Officers’ Meeting

09/29/2012      7:00 AM          Police/Fire Breakfast

10/02/2012      6:30 PM          District Deputy Grand Master’s Official Visit

10/09/2012      6:30 PM           Golden Trowel Award Night

Upcoming Events

10/20/2012      1-5 PM             Gift of Life Blood Drive

10/30/2012      6:30 PM           Halloween Party (Pumpkin Carving & Video)

11/10/2012      11:00 AM        Veterans’ Ceremonial & Dedication of Flag Pole

12/01/2012      9:00 AM          Richardson Christmas Parade

DDGM Visit

On October 2, 2012, Right Worshipful David K. Raucher, DDGM, will make an official visit to Richardson Masonic Lodge.  We respectfully request your attendance at this event.


Golden Trowel Award

Brethren, please join us on October 9, 2012 at 6:30 PM when we will honor the labors of Past Master Henry Urquhart with the Golden Trowel Award.  This will be an open meeting.

Master’s Message

Brethren, It is with great pleasure that I announce two more Petitions crossed our Secretary’s desk this past month.  It is a start, but we have miles to go before we sleep.

Positive publicity about Freemasonry has grown less common with each decade. In 1870, for example, the New York Times found the Masons newsworthy enough to run the article, The New Masonic Temple: Meeting of the Grand Lodge of New York—Laying of the Corner-Stone on Wednesday. Now, Freemasonry typically appears only in reference to the fraternity’s slow decline like in the 2009 New York Times article, Masonic Lodges Open Those Mysterious Doors. The transformation of Freemasonry from something once commonplace enough to announce in the daily paper to a true curiosity in the twenty-first century is just as telling of the fraternity’s decline as is the widespread closing of lodges. But a gradual re-birth is coming as pop-culture references such as those in books and movies, like National Treasure, spur a curiosity in younger generations.

We ask our grandfathers about this thing called Freemasonry. What is it? How did you join? Why didn’t my father join? One recent study found that 93% of men who might join Freemasonry EXPECTED to be asked to join. Some grand jurisdictions have taken this study to heart and modified their restrictions on asking—ours has not. Consequently, some brethren are afraid to advertise and publicize our masonry.

But there are several things that are no prohibited. You can wear your Masonic ring or a lapel pin to outwardly display your membership in the Craft. Even if you find yourself hesitant to discuss Freemasonry with others; there are well-informed brethren who can assist you. An acquaintance can always be invited to visit our lodge on any Tuesday. Please bring them up and introduce them to the brethren. Someone is always at the Lodge by 7:00PM on Tuesday. We have even made impromptu visits to play pool or darts when a potential petitioner arrives at our doorsteps.

Freemasonry is a community built through brotherhood based on a principled lifestyle. It is a philosophy inculcated in our degrees. Do you remember the first lesson taught in Masonry? It was that lesson of charity. We still practice that lesson in our Lodge.

In September, the eleventh anniversary of 9/11 will pass. Our Lodge will conduct another police and firemen’s breakfast. In October, our Lodge will again sponsor a Blood Drive supporting the Scottish Rite Hospital. Next year, our Lodge will again award four Lamar Medals, along with scholarships, to one student from each of the four high schools in Richardson Independent School District. Let your friends and family know these facts. Remind yourself that this is how we are spending your dues. Be proud to a part of an organization that gives back to the community.

But above all, show a friend the gift that is Freemasonry. Show them your ring. Show them your Lodge. Show them your newsletter—there are no secrets here. And if you aren’t sure what Freemasonry brings to your life; please come to your Lodge. Help us reacquaint you with the mysteries and beauties that once lead you down this path. The mysteries and beauties that are Richardson Freemasonry.


Christopher D. Livingston, WM